How much does aerial installation cost in Leicester?

There are a number of factors involved when pricing up an aerial installation such as location, parts, accessibility and the company pricing it up. I will explain all of the factors and give you prices based on our own installations.

Homecoms prices

Below you will find Homecoms current installation price for digital aerial installations across Leicester. All homes are different and other factors can affect these prices. I have detailed everything below to help you make the correct decision.

New build loft installation £120:

If you have a newly built home your rooms should be pre wired to the loft space. We will install a new loft aerial and connect to your pre installed coaxial cables.

  • High gain CAI approved loft aerial.
  • Heavy duty loft aerial pole and fixings.
  • 5 meters CAI twin shielded cable from the aerial to amplifier/splitter 
  • 4 way amplifier or splitter with connections to upto 4 rooms with 12v power supply.
  • Aerial alignment using professional signal meter.
  • All connected TVs tuned.
  • 5 year guarantee* 

A standard chimney mounted aerial installation £150:

Our standard chimney mounted aerial installation will suit homes with a high signal strength. 

  • New CAI approved log aerial.
  • New galvanised 9 inch heavy duty chimney cradle.
  • New lashing kit and chimney protectors.
  • New fixtures and fittings
  • New CAI approved coaxial cable to one TV point.
  • Aerial alignment using professional signal meter.
  • TV retuned.
  • 5 year guarantee.

A Large chimney mounted aerial installation £190:

Large chimney mounted installations are sometimes required in low to medium signal areas. We will supply and fit a larger aerial and pole to achieve a better signal.

  • New CAI approved high gain aerial.
  • New heavy duty 12 inch chimney cradle and lashing kit.
  • Chimney protectors.
  • New CAI approved coaxial cable to one TV point.
  • Aerial alignment using professional signal meter
  • TV retuned 
  • 5 year guarantee


A standard wall / Apex installation £130:

Standard wall / apex installations are for high signal areas. A chimney installation would always be the best option, however if your property does not have one or your chimney is hard to access then a wall installation would be the next best thing. 

  • New CAI approved log aerial.
  • New galvanized 9 inch heavy duty wall bracket.
  • New 6ft alloy pole
  • New fixtures and fittings
  • New CAI approved coaxial cable to one TV point.
  • Aerial alignment using professional signal meter.
  • TV retuned.
  • 5 year guarantee.



The location of your property can increase the cost of an aerial installation if you are based in a low or medium signal strength area. This is because you may require a high gain aerial, a longer aerial pole or even an amplifier. All of these parts will help achieve the best possible signal in poor signal areas. Luckily if you are in Leicester there is a very high chance you will have a strong signal. The waltham and sutton coldfield transmitters cover the majority of the Leicester area.


Aerial Parts

A brand new aerial installation will require will require the following parts:

  • An aerial.
  • Wall or chimney Bracket.
  • Lashing or fixings to secure the bracket.
  • An aerial pole and clamps.
  • 20m of CAI approved Coaxial cable.
  • F connectors.
  • Tape and cable clips ( To secure cable to the aerial pole and brick work )

All of the above are required for a basic digital TV aerial installation in a strong signal strength area  to one room in your home. At the time of writing this the total cost of these parts alone are just below £40 with VAT. This is what is included in our basic installation.

Extra parts can increase the average cost such as :

  • Amplifiers 
  • Wall plates
  • Splitters
  • High gain aerial
  • Longer aerial pole
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket
  • Extra cable runs for other rooms

Amplifiers are used to increase signal strength in low signal areas, however should be used as a last resort. A high gain aerial would be a better option then using an amplifier with a standard aerial. Splitters are used when distributing your signal to different rooms, however they do affect signal strength and a high gain aerial or amplifier might be required to maintain optimum signal. High gain aerials are usually bigger in size and gain a higher signal strength than a standard aerial. This is particularly useful when you are disturbing the signal to multiple rooms or you are in a low signal area. Lastly a longer aerial pole might be required to achieve optimum signal in your area. If you look at your neighbours aerials you can tell if you need a longer aerial pole in your area. 

Wall plates

Wall plates are not required and are completely optional. An aerial wall plate will give a neater more aesthetic finish to your home. We install these at an extra cost, however if you are happy with the cable coming through the wall and into the back of your TV then not having these installed will save you approximately  £10-15 each room.



The majority of aerial installation companies have a basic installation which will include parts and only cover two story houses in a high signal area. If your property does not have easy access to the chimney or an appropriate mounting surface within two stories height then you can expect to pay a little more. The reasons behind this is not because the engineer does not want to climb a ladder. The reason is the extra time it will take to safely access the mounting location and secure the aerial cable to your chosen room. If your home is higher than two stories you will also need a longer cable run which again will cost extra


The company

This is probably one of the main factors between paying £65 or £130 + VAT. Before you go for the cheapest quote you should ask yourself the following:


  1. Will this quote cover all the new parts that are required? Not all companies will replace the aerial bracket, poles, cable and fixings. Which leads to a much lower price. After all just the aerial alone will cost less than £10 and takes less than 30 minutes to change. Easy £55 for the installer, however not always the best value for you if another part fails within 6 months. We will never reuse old parts unless we can see it is less than a year old and is installed to a high standard. We will give you an honest assessment and if you let you decide to replace or repair your equipment. 
  2. Is this company VAT registered? Not all companies have to be VAT registered until they sell more than £85,000 a year, However if they are then you should ask if the price includes VAT so you don't receive an extra 20% bill after the installation.
  3. Do they offer a guarantee? To be registered with CAI an aerial installer must follow certain standards and offer a minimum of 1 year guarantee. We offer a 5 years guarantee on any brand new installation, because we only use the highest quality parts and set ourselves high installation standards.