How to choose the correct TV wall mount. What Bracket Do I Need?

You have decided to mount your TV on the wall for a tidier finish or to save some floor space, However after searching on the internet for a suitable bracket you are left confused with the overwhelming choices. After reading through this quick post you will be able to make the correct choice.

Types of TV wall brackets available

TV wall brackets come in different designs to suit your needs. For example the most common TV brackets are for fixed brackets, tilting brackets and full motion brackets.

Fixed TV Brackets

Fixed TV mount are simply that. They are fully fixed to the wall with no movement. They will leave your TV flush to the wall which is perfect if your viewing position is on a similar level. Fixed TV Brackets are usually cheaper than others, because of there simplistic design.

Tilt TV Brackets

Tilt TV brackets are very similar to fixed TV brackets. The bracket its self is mounted flush to the wall and the viewing position is fixed facing one direction, However with a tilt bracket you can have your TV leaning forward slightly giving you a more comfortable viewing experience. Tilt TV brackets are ideal if you are mounting your TV in a high position and your eye level is below the bottom of the TV. For example if you want to mount your TV on your high on your bedroom wall and you want to be able to view it comfortably in bed then a slight tilt towards your bed will improve your TV viewing experience.

Full Motion TV Brackets

Full Motion brackets are exactly that. They allow the TV to be flat to the wall ( A fixed or tilt bracket will be more flush to the wall ). You can pull the TV away from the wall which will help gain access to any cables. You can also rotate your TV left or right. This is ideal if you watch your TV in different positions around the room. Please bare in mind, If you require the TV to rotate 90 degrees from the wall then you will need to make sure the bracket extends further than half the size of your TV. If not then your TV will hit the wall before you reach the desired angle.

Finding a Compatible Bracket For Your TV

You have decided which style of TV bracket you would prefer, but are now stuck finding the correct size bracket. The next 3 points are the most important when mounting your TV.

TV Bracket Weight Limit

TV brackets are stress tested to a specific weight before they fail. If you have just brought a new TV find out how much it weighs and check if your TV bracket will support it. Most new TVs are very light weight and TV brackets will easily hold them, However it is best to check and confirm it is suitable for the job especially if you are mounting an older TV.

TV Size

When buying your TV bracket you should also check that it is suitable for the size of your TV. To do this you should measure your TV from corner to corner diagonally in inches. This will be the size of your TV. When looking for your new TV bracket you should find one that is suitable for this size.

TV Vesa pattern

The TV weight and size are very important for safety, However if you get the TV Vesa pattern incorrect then your bracket will not fit on your TV. Vesa pattern refers to the fixing holes on the back of your TV and the distance between them. The TV bracket must have holes the same distance as your TV so they align and fit correctly. The simplest way to find your vesa measurements is to check your TVs manual. If you havent got your manual then you can measure the distance with a tape measure. Vesa patterns are measured in millimeters. To do this you should find the mounting holes on the back of your TV and measure the distance between the holes left to right and then from top to bottom. For example if you measure left to right and it is 400mm and top to bottom is 300mm then your vesa pattern is 400×300. The most common sizes are 200×200 400×400 600×400, but this all depends on the size of your TV. Some can be as small as 75×75.


Hopefully now you should be able to shop with confidence. If you remember the last 3 important steps then you should find a suitable TV bracket. If you are still in doubt or would like professional installation please feel free to contact us or visit our TV wall mounting page.

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