How to view footage on Hikvision DVR.

Below you will find a step by step guide for our customers who have purchased CCTV from us on how to view recorded footage on your Hikvision DVR.

When you first switch over to your DVR you will find the live CCTV feed as show below:

Live CCTV feed.

Step 1 – Using your supplied mouse hover over any of the live feeds and Right Click. You will see a menu pop up like below.

Right Click to show this Menu.

Step 2 – Using the mouse select the second option Menu. You will be asked to provide a password which was set up during installation. As shown below.

Step 3. Enter your password and select OK. You will then be given the following options.

Step 4 – Using the mouse hover over the playback option and left click. You will then be shown the screen below.

Playback screen

Step 5 – On the right hand side of this screen you will find a list of cameras. Select the camera feed you want to see. ( you can select multiple feeds )

Step 6 – After selecting the cameras you would like to view. You have to select the day you want to see. In the bottom right corner you will find a calendar. Select the day you would like to view.

Step 7 – When you have selected both the camera and a day, you will be shown 24 hours of footage specific to that camera and your chosen day. There will now be a timeline at the bottom of your screen starting from 0 to 24.

Step 8 – From this timeline you can select a time of the day you want to view. For example if you want to see footage starting at 12.50PM you click on the timeline as shown below.

Step 9 – Now you have found the time and date you are looking for the footage will play back in real time. This is ok if you only want to watch a couple of minutes footage. However if you are looking over a couple of hours we need to speed things up. At the bottom of the screen you will see 9 buttons that are used to control the footage. From left to right they are for:

  • Play in Reverse button. If you want to watch your footage in reverse.
  • Stop button. This will stop all footage. This button should not be used to pause your footage, because it will stop and go back to your selection screen.
  • Pause button : This button will pause your footage at the point you are at. When your footage is paused this button will then act as a play button. This resumes your footage.
  • Skip back 30 seconds. This button will take your footage back 30 seconds
  • Skip forward 30 seconds. This button will skip your footage forward 30 seconds.
  • Rewind button. This button will rewind your footage.
  • Fast forward button. This button will fast forward your footage.
  • Go to previous day. This button will take you to the previous days footage.
  • Go to next day. This button will take you to the next days footage.

A quick tip on your rewind and fast forward buttons. These buttons have different speeds. You can click fast forward up to 7 times to go through different speeds. Please refer to picture below. You can see above the timeline it says x4 this i how fast your footage is being shown.

As stated above you can keep speeding up the footage until you reach the maximum. If at any point you want to slow down again you have to click the rewind button. One click will take it down one speed. If you are on maximum it will take 7 clicks to get back to normal speed.

I hope this post will be helpful. If you have any questions or would like more guides please get in touch.

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