Are you looking for a DAB & FM Radio Aerial Installation?

Radio Aerial Installation in Leicester

If you are looking to improve your radio reception then this service will be perfect for you.
For the best reception aerials should be mounted high like a television aerial.
This will help you find all your favourite DAB radio stations and will prevent any loss of signal.
If you are experiencing crackling sounds on your FM radio an outdoor mounted aerial installation will be the best option.

What is DAB Radio?

DAB stands for digital audio broadcasting. DAB offers a wider range of radio stations across the UK.
Just like digital TV, DAB radio picks up a better signal the higher your aerial is.
We recommend mounting a DAB aerial above your roof line along with your TV and FM aerials.

DAB Radio installation

what is AM / FM Radio?
AM / FM still remains the most popular way to listen to the radio in the UK, despite the introduction of DAB.
Portable radios will only pick up your local stations with its current aerial.
If you would like to find more radio stations on the AM or FM frequencies then a high gain aerial is what you need.
Mounting your high gain aerial up high will not only give you a wider range, but also help prevent loss of signal.

Why Homecoms?

Here at Homecoms we believe in quality, all our aerial installations come with a 5 year installation guarantee. Our aim is to provide the best for our customers at a reasonable price. We like to keep our customers updated through out any of our installations or repairs so you’re never left in the dark. We are fully insured and have plenty of 5 star reviews!

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